Solutions that Improve Lives and the Environment

Our Mission:

Solutions to Cement Brighter Futures.

We connect owners, designers and builders in California and Nevada to efficient cement-based solutions that improve lives and the environment.


Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

The California Cement Industry continues to make significant strides to reduce emissions and embrace innovation.

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Value Driven Economic Solutions

Renowned for long term value, cement and concrete solutions can provide surprising value at first cost and improve competition.

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Proven Resiliency for Challenging Environments

Concrete does not rot, rust or burn. Civilizations rely on its dependable resilience to support many aspects of life and protect against disaster.

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Four Important Roles California Cement  Serves for Resiliency and Sustainability.


Extending Service Life

Cement-based concrete is renowned for it’s durability in every conceivable application.

For this reason, concrete structures can be relied upon to last far longer and reduce maintenance costs and related environmental impacts.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

California’s cement industry is a world leader in carbon emissions reduction.

A strong commitment to environmental stewardship has enabled the cement industry to greatly reduce carbon impacts without compromising durability.

Pursuing Low Carbon Cement

Portland Limestone Cement is directly reducing environmental impacts.

Portland Limestone Cement can provide a 10% reduction in Green House Gas Emissions when specified on projects and has a proven track record around the world.

Innovating Through Research

Research is paving the way for more cement solutions that lower carbon impact.

The MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub is a renowned resource for finding sustainable solutions in concrete materials and applications.