Solutions that Improve Lives and the Environment

California Nevada Cement Association


CNCA is a not-for-profit organization committed to providing solutions focused on sustainability, resilience and economic impact.

We do this with cement-based materials that are the very foundation of our civilization.

CNCA is guiding sustainable and economical construction solutions for California and Nevada made possible by the use of cement and concrete.

We serve these states as a not-for-profit association that provides expert technical leadership, research, and educational opportunities designed to responsibly transform our built environment and improve the lives of the people throughout the region.

Cement is a unique construction material with unparalleled characteristics that brings structure and stability to our built environment. Cement, used in the production of concrete creates a construction material with unmatched strength, durability, longevity and as a result of these features, it brings enduring value to the builders and owners of assets built with concrete.

Cement solidifies our future and allows us to build the homes, bridges, highways, waterways and countless other items, that the people of California and Nevada depend on every day.

We specialize in providing technical leadership for concrete highways, roads, bridges, parking lots, buildings, foundations, as well as concrete pavers, pervious concrete , roller compacted concrete, concrete overlays and concrete pavement restoration. 

We also have technical expertise in pavement recycling, full-depth reclamation, soil cement, cement modified soil, cement treated base, lightweight cellular concrete, solidification, brownfield remediation.

Through our alliances with the regional engineering community, state & local agencies, and national groups like the MIT CSHub, NRMCA, and PCA we facilitate increased recognition of best-in-class solutions for our sustainable infrastructure.

To learn more about our resources or to take advantage of specialized expertise for your project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We help bring the best solutions to light in three important areas.



The California Cement Industry continues to make significant strides to reduce emissions and embrace innovation.

Sustainability Mission

  • Advance solutions for policies and projects that reflect a balance of environmental, societal and cost benefits.

  • Encourage the acceptance of low carbon cement.

  • Guidance on environmentally responsible use of cement that delivers sustainable performance and optimizes designs.



Concrete does not rot, rust or burn. Civilizations rely on its dependable resilience to support many aspects of life and protect against disaster.

Resiliency Mission

  • Assist in identifying time-tested solutions for a wide array of challenges.

  • Deliver life-cycle focused design approaches based on a long history of performance.

  • Recommend how to design and build in preparation for growing challenges of climate change, including heat, fire, floods and sea level rise.

Economic Impact

Renowned for long term value, cement and concrete solutions can provide surprising value at first cost and improve competition.

Economic Mission

  • CNCA’s highly regarded engineering staff offers expert technical design and construction assistance at no cost.

  • Provide options to consider from CNCA’s solutions toolbox for pavements and geotechnical solutions.

  • Offer technical guidance for cost effective use of cement and concrete and low maintenance solutions.